Residents Handbook

We aim for our community to be built on trust, respect, friendship and understanding rather than rules and regulations. Nevertheless, experience from other cohousing projects shows that it is helpful to have a set of policies and procedures to help our project run smoothly. We call this the Residents Handbook and unfortunately it is rather wordy! It includes:

Once we have settled in, policies may be revisited using consensual decision-making to reflect the values of the members at that time.

Please note that we extended our definition of Full Member at our General Meeting in February 2012, when we agreed that the future residents of the six Heron Bank freehold homes, which are adjacent to the main Forge Bank cohousing development, would have the option of full membership of Lancaster Cohousing. Before this date, there was no meaningful distinction between ‘Full Member’ and ‘Forge Bank leaseholder’, and therefore any policies, decisions and meeting minutes referring to ‘Full Members’ may now actually refer just to ‘Forge Bank leaseholders’ rather than to all full members. We will update our key policy documents to reflect this over time, and will change the dates on documents as we review them to indicate that the definitions are up to date. In the majority of cases we do not anticipate we will need to change anything, but please bear this in mind when reading the Residents’ Handbook and other public documents. For policies, decisions and meeting minutes dated from March 2012 onwards, it can be assumed that definitions are accurate.

Please do contact us if you have any questions concerning the Handbook or if you would like a copy of the current pre-sale agreement.