Joining Lancaster Cohousing

Available homes

Lancaster Cohousing sold all of its 29 leasehold houses, six leasehold flats and six freehold houses by early 2014. All homes now available are currently owned by private individuals. Details of these, and of any homes available to let, are provided below, with links to any further details provided by the sellers / letters.

Moving house is obviously a big commitment, but so is joining a community, so here is some information that you might find useful before moving forward with a potential purchase / let:

For the 35 leasehold homes (also known as ‘Forgebank’ homes)

For the six freehold houses (also known as ‘Heron Bank’ homes)

Homes currently for sale:

Homes currently for rent:

If you are interested in any of these properties please contact the seller directly, but we also  encourage you to get in touch with our Membership team, who can answer any questions you have about joining Lancaster Cohousing, and if it sounds like it’s for you, can start the membership process.

Lancaster Cohousing Membership Team

Last updated: March 2015