Joining Lancaster Cohousing

Could cohousing be for you?

Listen to this 10 minute TED talk to hear how cohousing could save your life.

But buying or renting a home in a cohousing community like Forgebank is to join a community of people with an intention to live collaboratively. This is a big commitment and not for everybody. Here is some recommended reading and some questions to help you decide whether cohousing could be for you.

Highly recommended reading

Cohousing by Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett is a great first book to get a 'feel for' cohousing.

Finding Community - how to join an Ecovillage or Intentional Community by Diana Leafe Christian, New Society Publishers, 2007

Creating a Life Together - practical tools to grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities by Diana Leafe Christian, New Society Publishers, 2003

Click here for links to other cohousing groups in the UK and further afield.

Some questions to ask yourself

If your answer is yes to most of these questions then it’s worth reading on!

  • Would you like to live somewhere where you know, share values with and socialise with your neighbours?         
  • Do you wish to live in a private home with self-contained kitchen and living space,
    while sharing
    large living, cooking, dining and outdoor spaces with your neighbours?         
  • Would you like to benefit from the ecological and financial advantages of sharing some
    facilities (eg laundry, guest rooms) with other households?         
  • Would you like to know that children can play outdoors in a car-free environment?
  • Would you like to cook and eat regular shared vegetarian or vegan meals?         
  • Would you be happy for your car use to be limited to occasional use of a car pool scheme?
  • Would you be pleased to contribute 10 hours’ work a month to keep the community running smoothly?

And some more searching questions:


  • What are your expectations of how life will be there? Are they realistic?
  • What challenges do you feel you would face around collaboration and sharing?
  • What benefits do you feel you would experience?
  • What will you bring to contribute?

After considering these questions, if you think that cohousing may be for you, check out the links in the side menu, to see if there are any homes available, and if Lancaster Cohousing may be the place for you. Then come and visit, and check out your assumptions by talking to the residents!