Joining Lancaster Cohousing

Available homes

Buying a house in the main cohousing development gives you access to all the benefits of cohousing including use of the common house, guest bedrooms, laundry facilities and communal land, and reduced rental on the offices, studios and workshops in Halton Mill, our workspace situated between the Forge Bank and Heron Bank terraces. Buying a house on Heron Bank allows you to opt in to most of these benefits if you want to.

All our homes are now sold. When properties come up for sale in the future they are likely to be first be offered to the people in our waiting pool. In a new cohousing development typically around 10% of homes change hands in the first year, so if you are keen to join us we encourage you to put your name in the pool. Also a few of our homes are rented to tenants, so the waiting pool provides you with a way of being first in line to hear of any vacancies.