Joining Lancaster Cohousing

Homes currently available for sale or rent


Oct 2020 - 4 Forgebank Walk - for sale

Sept 2020 - 20 Forgebank Walk - for sale
Sept 2020 - 1 Forgebank Walk - sale agreed
Sept 2020 - 27 Mill Lane - sold

Homes for sale (all are built to Passiv House standard) 

Homes for rent - none at the moment but...

If there is no home available…

We are always very interested to hear from people who want to buy, rent or buy to rent. If there is currently no home that meets your needs, but you’d like to stay in touch in case one comes up in the future, please ask our Membership Team about our waiting pool. In the email it would be helpful to know a bit about you, what interests you about cohousing, where you're living at the moment, the ages of the people in your household, and whether you're interested in buying or renting.

You may also like to check availability in other cohousing projects on the UK Cohousing Network website here. In particular, there’s a new separate senior cohousing project happening in Halton for over 55s: a site has been identified, initial plans drawn up, and hopefully building will start in 2019. More details here.

Joining the community

For the 35 leasehold homes, any sale or rental agreement is conditional on the prospective purchaser or tenant having been first accepted as a member of Lancaster Cohousing. So, as well as negotiating with the home owner in the normal way, you must also apply to be an member of the community. Please contact our Membership Team to start that process as early as possible in order to avoid holding up the purchase or rental agreement later on.

For the six freehold homes, joining the community is not a requirement, but an option: any sale or rental agreement is not conditional on membership, but you can apply for membership later if you wish, at any point.

Notes on house prices 

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