About the project

Common House

The Common House is the focal point of the community. At its heart is a shared kitchen and eating area where we share regular communal meals. The eating area is flexibly designed, so it is also a place where people can come for coffee, or to read, relax and chat round the wood-burning stove. Just across the pedestrian street is a food store, laundry and a play room for the children.

The Common House is also where we collect our mail, an nearby are guest bedrooms for visitors. The kitchen and eating area is built to the same eco-standards as our homes, but there are also some existing buildings that we are re-roofing and re-painting to use for storage and workshop space.

The Common House has a communal garden and terrace with views over the Lune, and our soft landscaping group are looking at the best way to use this space. Elsewhere on the site there will be communal gardens outside each riverside terrace, and we have plenty of space for allotments and wilder grassland and woodland areas too.

Here is the current Common House and shared space layout plan from our architect.