About us

Our vision

This vision was originated in the early days (2006 or earlier) and amended in 2009 when we decided to build on our present site, rather than in central Lancaster.

We plan to create an intergenerational cohousing community at Forge Bank, Halton that will encourage social interaction and will be built on ecological values. It will include around 25 homes with community facilities and workshop/office space. We will seek to enable sustainable travel to central Lancaster so that residents have easy access to amenities that are not available in Halton village.

The community will be built on ecological values with new buildings meeting the AECB Gold Standard (Association for Environment Conscious Building. This will enable us to meet the requirements of Code for Sustainable Homes Level Six) and designed to facilitate spontaneous socialisation supporting a full neighbourly community. The development will comprise properties that will be of interest to a range of household sizes and incomes. The cost of social space and eco-build will be balanced against affordability constraints.

The project will be a cutting edge example of sustainable design and living. It will act as a catalyst and inspiration for significant improvements in the sustainability of new development, and will have close links to Halton and the wider community.

A community built on ecological values - What does this mean in practice?